Construction of the New National Stadium of El Salvador will begin at the end of September

The construction of the new stadium donated by the People’s Republic of China will begin at the end of September this year, revealed the president of the Salvadoran Institute of Sports of El Salvador (INDES), Yamil Bukele, speaking about the new innovations for sports in the country.

“According to the latest report, the construction of the stadium that China will donate will begin at the end of September,” the president of INDES explained.

“It will have a capacity of 50,000 spectators and state-of-the-art technology. It will be for soccer. It will not have a track because many did not ask for the fans to be close to the field” added the official on the construction aspects.

The construction of the new sports infrastructure is part of a collaboration granted by Chinese President Xi Jinping as a gesture of friendship between the peoples of China and El Salvador.

This was one of the results of President Bukele’s tour of Asia, which aimed to strengthen investment and cooperation for the country.

As part of that cooperation are the funds to build a new national stadium, a new national library, projected to be one of the best in Latin America, among other projects for the benefit of the Salvadoran population.