El Zonte has a new police headquarters to provide security to tourists from Surf City

The Security Cabinet of President Nayib Bukele inaugurated at the end of Wednesday the new headquarters of the National Civil Police (PNC) in El Zonte, in the department of La Libertad, to provide comprehensive security to the inhabitants of the area, as well as tourists, domestic and foreign.

At a cost of $559,000, the new headquarters was built with advanced technology and equipment in order to dignify the work of police officers in the tourist area, which is identified as one of the main points of Surf City on the Salvadoran coast.

At the official event, the Minister of Security, Gustavo Villatoro, declared, “As a member of the Security Cabinet, I’m satisfied to deliver this work that we have built in record time, and that says a lot about the continuous culture of dignity of the police career, to which we are committed”

The work has a complaint area, a surveillance and control room, a surveillance service with drones and rest rooms for police officers.

It also has a sports field. The building is also friendly to the environment, as the design of the building is bioclimatic.

The director of the National Civil Police, Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, recognized the agility in the construction of the work and the elimination of the bureaucracy that delayed in previous periods the dignity of the police career.

“The El Zonte police headquarters is a work that started from scratch and has been fully equipped with a modern infrastructure that goes hand in hand with the ideals that Mr. President Nayib Bukele outlined in the Territorial Control Plan,” said the head of the corporation.