Amusement park in the port of La Libertad is nearing completion

La Libertad will become one of the most emblematic departments for tourism in the country. The renovations carried out in El Malecón and the construction of the amusement park will make the sector stand out, and more tourists will arrive in El Salvador.

In this sense, the government, as part of the Surf City strategy, is carrying out the construction of the amusement park in the port of La Libertad, which is currently 96% complete.

«The Amusement Park, in the port of La Libertad, we are about to conclude. It is a work that has more than 96% progress. That is a small work compared to all those that will be developed as part of the Surf City project, ” said the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Romeo Rodríguez.

In addition, the head of the MOP explained that for this project, the government provided the workforce to assemble the wheels, do the civil works, and improve the sector. However, the Chinese government donated the amusement rides so that they could be installed.

On May 11, the MOP reported that it had installed the last mechanical game in the park, so the work is about to receive salvadorans and tourists.

Likewise, as part of the work to be carried out in the area, two viewpoints will be built, a linear park will be created, and the entire road to Surf City will be illuminated. These works will benefit thousands of Salvadoran families and will boost the country’s tourism, said Rodríguez Herrera.

The amusement park project consists of the installation of five mechanical games: the Ferris wheel, Roller Coaster, Carousel, Salto de Rana, and Barco, which have been donated by the cooperation of the People’s Republic of China. In this ambitious project, the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) has provided $4 million for the improvement of the place.

On previous occasions, Tourism Minister Morena Valdez stated that the works would include the renovation of restaurants and sales, with an estimated $2 million investment. In addition, it is hoped that this park will contribute to the development of local businesses.