Elementary school students will benefit from tablet delivery starting next Monday

The President Nayib Bukele, reported this Wednesday that the government has already received the tablets intended for children from first to third grade in the national system, which will be distributed by the Ministry of Education to promote their learning process throughout the country. 

The new tablets will be delivered next Monday, said the president. The electronic items are Lenovo 10″, and come with their respective cases with screen protectors and a 4G chip.

“When they are delivered, people will be able to choose the telephone company with whom they want to have their free educational connectivity package. Step by step, we are transforming our country, in every way, including in education” — said President Bukele.

The Ministry of Education aims to eliminate the digital gap in the learning system in the public sector, affected by decades of neglect, from its infrastructure to investment in equipment to promote the education of children and youth in the country.

It is projected that 90% of the country’s students already have the computers and tablets contemplated in the “Enlace” program by the month of June.

With the delivery of technological materials, the central government is investing around $214 million so that public school students and teachers have tools that strengthen the teaching and learning processes.