Propane gas will continue at the same price as the first quarter of 2022

The Minister of Economy, María Luisa Hayem, reiterated this Monday that propane gas in May will remain at the same value as the first quarter of 2022, in order to provide security to the family economy of Salvadorans.

“In May, Salvadorans will continue to buy gas at the same price as in the first quarter of the year. We cannot stop world inflation, but we are reducing the impact on the pockets of families and businesses” — said the minister in a message posted on her official Twitter account.

The guidelines follow the eleven measures against inflation promoted by the Government of President Nayib Bukele, in coordination with the Ministry of Economy.

The final consumer will receive the 35-pound drum at $15.50 and, with the traditional subsidy, at $7.46. Meanwhile, the 25-pound one at $11.13 and with a subsidy at $3.09. Also, the 20-pound one at $8.98 and, with a subsidy, $0.94. Finally, the 10-pound, at $4.61 and with a subsidy, will not have to pay any amount.

The measure contemplates the absorption of increases in merchandise and petroleum products by the central government, as a strategy to contain the effects of the crisis due to inflation in the world.