The use of masks is now voluntary in El Salvador.

The interim Minister of Education, Mauricio Pineda, together with the Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi, announced on Thursday at a press conference that El Salvador is at low risk from COVID-19, which allows the use of the mask to be optional for the population, including schools.

“We want to present an update on what is happening regarding COVID-19, so that we can have that information. It allows us to be, at present, with a very favorable result, with about 12 confirmed cases per day” — said the head of health.

For his part, the interim Minister of Education, Mauricio Pineda, stressed that, as of this announcement, tomorrow in public and private educational centers and in universities, the use of a mask will no longer be mandatory but voluntary. He also emphasized that each student will voluntarily decide to go to classrooms with or without a mask.

It is also worth mentioning that Francisco Alabi pointed out that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides parameters on an international scale and emphasized the recommendation to standardize cases based on risks, which are low, moderate, and high.

The foregoing is due to the fact that the country maintains favorable conditions in the face of COVID-19 as a result of the strategies implemented by the Government of El Salvador. For example, the strength of vaccination has allowed the level of contagion of COVID-19 to be low, to the point of registering an average of 12 confirmed cases per day.

The conference was held in the Auditorium «Dr. Alfredo Martínez Moreno» of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.