Ambassador Milena Mayorga confirms $3 billion for the investment agenda and job creation

 The ambassador of El Salvador in the United States, Milena Mayorga, confirmed on Wednesday that the development agenda promoted by her management abroad has managed to include more than 375 investors with millionaire bets for the generation of employment in favor of Salvadoran citizens. .

“For our part, the agenda has been to promote investment to create the jobs that we need, and thus, more than 375 investors already have the first investment commitments that exceed 3 billion” — she reported in a series of posts on your social networks.

The ambassador has managed to establish excellent relationships with foreign and Salvadoran businessmen based in the United States, who have shown her interest in developing their businesses through imports, services, and ventures that will boost the national economy.

Programs and job offers outside of El Salvador are also added so that delegations of citizens work temporarily with visas and legal procedures in order, in order to carry out work in different parts of the world and thus generate more income for their families.

 The initiatives have been key in the articulated work of the government of President Nayib Bukele that seeks to provide the population with the necessary opportunities to improve their family economy and their social development in the Salvadoran territory.