Merchants support the historic San Salvador Center transformation by voluntarily relocating

On the morning of April 21, the Historic Center of San Salvador projected a better image thanks to the cleaning carried out by merchants who discovered the buildings that had remained hidden from view, such as the former telegraph, the Central Gallery, and the Darío Building, among others.

«Six years ago, President Nayib Bukele marked the route for us: without using tear gas, without firing a single bullet, and without using force, in three days we achieved what no one had been able to do in 40 years. San Salvador has already begun to change and we are not going to stop. This is a legacy that we are building together” — said Mayor Durán.

The authorities reported that the municipality will invest in an underground electrical wiring network that will allow a better appreciation of the historic buildings that are part of El Salvador’s cultural heritage. According to the mayor’s office, the initiative will boost the economy of the Salvadoran capital.

“People who for decades had to put up with sun, rain, pollution, the danger of cars and unhealthy conditions will today finally have a decent place to work. This project will also be possible thanks to private enterprise, to all those entrepreneurs who trust in this process and whose investment will generate jobs in San Salvador” — Mayor Durán stressed.

The district of the capital indicated that the dismantling of stall infrastructure has already reached 60% progress, and it is expected that the merchants who made the decision to join the project will be part of the new Hula Hula market by complying with the due administrative processes.