El Salvador will make a millionaire investment in the laboratory analysis area

The government of the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, continues to invest economic resources in the public health network so that its users can enjoy the provision of effective services.

The Salvadoran Congress approved the injection of resources into the budget of the Ministry of Health to better serve those patients who require clinical examinations at the request of the president. 

The budget reinforcement of said state portfolio is $11.4 million and will serve to execute the public investment project called “Relocation, adaptation, transfer, and equipment of the National Public Health Laboratory of El Salvador.”

The millionaire investment will allow “improving the Ministry of Health’s capacities in the laboratory analysis sector and readjusting the National Institute of Health’s building.”

The resources come from loan contracts signed between the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and El Salvador, which would be transferred to the Global Fund so that it finances the aforementioned project.

The financing will serve to “improve the capacities of the Ministry of Health in the laboratory analysis sector, which includes the adaptation and expansion of the physical spaces of the work areas, electrical and computer installations, and external environmental protection works.”

The improvement of health capacities in this area will allow “the country to have a safe technological and scientific infrastructure so that biosafety processes are framed in international guidelines.”

Christian Guevara, head of the Nuevas Ideas bench, assures us that with this initiative of the Executive, the commitment to improving the public health network, which in past decades was forgotten by the ARENA and Efemelenist governments, continues.

“This is an important bet to continue strengthening our public health system,” says Guevara, also president of the Legislative Assembly’s finance commission.

The parliamentarian of the cyan bench, who supported the budget reinforcement with 56 votes, maintains that it is necessary to improve the state health system to guarantee the best quality and service to Salvadorans who make use of the public network of care centers .

As part of the improvement of the public health system, the government has invested in the acquisition of new hospital beds with their respective equipment, improved the health infrastructure, acquired medical equipment, and renovated the rest areas for medical personnel, among others.