El Salvador is classified as COVID-19 risk-free

The management of the pandemic in El Salvador continues to give favorable results, to the point of being one of 15 countries on an international scale free of risk of COVID-19 due to the sanitary conditions generated by the strategies implemented by the government of President Nayib Bukele.

The Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi, highlighted this fact, and said that vaccination has contributed to the protection of the population, to such an extent that the World Tourism Organization indicated that the country has no restrictions on entry due to the security it possesses in dealing with COVID-19.

“A year after inaugurating the vaccination megacenter, we are seeing how one of the best strategies worldwide for COVID-19, which is vaccination, is being consolidated, and how it positions us as one of the few countries out of a list of 15 that are risk-free related to the issue of COVID-19 […] The World Tourism Organization has designated El Salvador as one of the 15 countries that do not present restrictions for entry due to the security they have” — said Minister Alabi during the interview with Noticiero El Salvador.

The official reaffirmed that this would not have been possible if the anticipated decisions had not been executed, from closing the airport and the epidemiological containment strategies that allowed the health system to be prepared, added to the management and acquisition of the drug against the virus to apply it to the population. 

Alabi referred to those opposition sectors that, at the time, criticized the measures to deal with the pandemic, which have since demonstrated their effectiveness in combating the virus and have been recognized by different entities on an international scale.

“Actions that are now having a tangible result are valued not only by the World Health Organization, but by many economic and tourism entities that make the country one of the 15 countries that are free of risk from COVID-19, and that the population can compare” — stressed Alabi.

The country has a solid vaccination strategy against COVID-19, which has been backed by one of the best cold chains that allows storage under optimal conditions and in accordance with the required standards.

The implementation of the cold chain has also been previously recognized by the WHO, and it was listed as one of the “champion” countries. It was also prioritized for the delivery of vaccines through the COVAX mechanism.

“Applying the vaccine is not just coming and giving the injection. Applying a vaccine is part of the origin of the request for the biological, the capacity of the country to be able to safeguard that biological, and understand the cold chain, El Salvador is one of the countries with the most robust cold chains to be able to handle not only this biological COVID- 19, but all the vaccines that are used. Then comes the application of the vaccine” — explained the head of the Ministry of Health.