Fuel prices will not increase for the next few weeks in El Salvador

The Ministry of Economy reported that fuel prices, which were eventually to show variations starting this Tuesday, will remain fixed thanks to the application of the Temporary Special Law to Set Maximum Fuel Prices.

The institution reported that the price of Superior gasoline will remain at $4.31 in the Central and Western zones, while it will cost $4.32 in the Eastern zone.

On the other hand, regular gasoline will continue to cost $4.15 in all three zones, while diesel will continue at a price of $4.14 in the same three zones.

The authorities emphasized that these prices will be valid from April 19 to May 2.

The Ministry of Economy recalled that the Legislative Assembly approved the “Special Transitory Law to Fix Maximum Prices of Fuels”, with the aim of counteracting the negative impact that the rises in international prices may have on the economy of El Salvador.