The Ministry of Public Works and Transport enables a digital space for the renewal of transit documents: SETRACEN-VMT Digital Center

Sertracen-VMT Digital Center was inaugurated. It is an innovative user service that will allow the issuance of transit documents through a digital process.

The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Romeo Rodríguez; the Deputy Minister of Transportation, Saúl Castelar, and authorities from Sertracen, launched the new tool that is located in Plaza Soho, Las Cascadas, and that includes self-management centers for registering, updating, and issuing circulation cards and driver’s licenses safely and using state-of-the-art technology.

«In the same digital space, you will have the endorsed license and the circulation card. This will guarantee that the procedures are much more agile and much more efficient. This is an initiative of Sertracen and the VMT, whose objective is to make the transformations that are needed in the country” — said the head of the MOPT.

In the new digital center, users will be able to renew their documents in three simple steps. The first is to enter the document (card or license), the second is to verify or update the data. Finally, the cost of the service is paid using a debit or credit card. The old document will be retained and the new updated document will be issued instantly. “This will streamline services. Our goal is to facilitate the issue of management and procedures. From the VMT, we have tried to streamline procedures that, generally, have caused a headache to Salvadorans » — Saúl Castelar emphasized.

The new proposal will be found in personalized stations for the ease and comfort of users, in modern spaces designed to provide a better experience to customers. It includes four kiosks for the renewal of licenses and another four for circulation cards.

The initiative, according to the authorities, will support innovation in a digital governance framework in service management, with the goal of providing more care services to Salvadorans.