Former FMLN Congressman Carlos Ruíz admits that former President Funes and the Organization of American States negotiated with gangs

Former FMLN deputy Carlos Ruíz admits that former president Mauricio Funes, the Organization of American States (OAS), and sectors of the Catholic Church negotiated with gangs.

The truce between gangs was not only “Funes’ problem, Monsignor Fabio Colindres was here, and, in addition, there were international organizations, such as the OAS,” the former legislator pointed out, in the TVX interview space.

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, has repeatedly questioned the negotiations carried out by past governments with criminal structures. In addition, he has questioned the role of international organizations in having been part of this process.

Yesterday, the Head of State explained that “the OAS and the IACHR were the ones that sponsored the “Truce” that only strengthened the gangs and allowed them to accumulate resources, money, and weapons and allowed them to train in the army firing ranges to kill Salvadorans”.