President Bukele: “1,400 gang members were captured in just 3 days. And no, they will not go free

President Nayib Bukele, highlighted that in just 48 hours of the Exception Regime, 1,400 gang members have been captured nationwide.

These are the results of a forceful response to these terrorist structures that caused anxiety in the population last week by committing multiple homicides in the country.

“1,400 gang members were captured in just 3 days. And no, they will not go free. This with only 48 hours of EXCEPTION REGIME. We continue…”, said the Head of State.

The authorities provided an update on Monday night on the operations carried out by the National Civil Police (PNC), in conjunction with the Armed Forces, which have resulted in numerous arrests of gang members since this weekend.

The Minister of Justice and Security, Gustavo Villatoro, reported that, until this Monday night, more than 1,400 arrests had been made, in around 50 operations that have been carried out throughout the country.

“We want to inform you that, after more than 24 hours of work, we have already exceeded 1,400 arrests and more than 50 operations at the national level between the PNC and the Armed Forces” he added.

Only today, hundreds of arrests were made in Sonsonate, Santa Ana, Chalatenango, San Salvador, Cuscatancingo, and La Unión, among others.