Chivo, Bitcoin ATMs benefit Salvadorans, their friends, and families

Five cryptocurrency ATMs have been strategically installed by the government of El Salvador in North Texas. They’ve been placed at places Salvadorans frequently visit, like traditional Salvadoran cuisine restaurants and the Dallas consulate.

These ATMs allow users to scan a QR code on their phone and send money from their bank account, or you can also deposit cash and send it without commission and in seconds.

“We want to contribute to our country. We are glad that people can send money to their families from here” — María Carmen Flores “Doña Carmen”,  owner of Doña Carmen Pupusería, located in Fort Worth.

For Flores and her husband, José Alonso, originally from the El Pilón canton in El Salvador and who emigrated more than 40 years ago to North Texas, this change in technology to send money to their country, through Chivo Wallet, seems like a useful tool since they do not have to pay commissions for remittances, for themselves and for all migrants who need to send money to their families.

“This is wonderful. We have been here for decades, paying a lot of money in money transfers, especially for high amounts. Whether you pay one or two dollars, it’s money you earn working. Now with this, you can send that little extra money to your relatives there”.

According to the most recent data from the World Bank, families in El Salvador received more remittances in 2021 than in previous years, reaching a historical figure of $7,521 million.

Salvadorans living in the United States were the largest senders, sending $7,130.5 million last year.

You can find the nearest Chivo ATM in the US here: