The House of Bitcoin graduates its first class of students.

The first generation of students of the basic and advanced Bitcoin courses graduated from the House of Bitcoin, the education and training center of the global fintech peer-to-peer platform Paxful.

For five weeks, the 35 graduate students acquired basic knowledge about blockchain, made secure transactions in Bitcoin, and learned how to start a business using Bitcoin. No less important was receiving technical information to understand cryptocurrencies.

The Education Coordinator of La Casa del Bitcoin, Steve Orellana, stated that the classes are for everyone without distinction. “Our alumni range from 20 to 60 years old. This is part of Paxful’s commitment to financially include people,” he said.

The students claimed they wanted to return to continue their studies in cryptocurrencies, since this is what drives the adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador, with education as the main tool.

So far, La Casa del Bitcoin has received an approximate number of 300 students from various sectors, but with the common interest of learning how to improve their economy through the new financial model that Bitcoin represents.

The classes are free, since the mission of La Casa del Bitcoin is education to give way to financial inclusion that many sectors have not had in the traditional financial system.