«The goal is to take El Salvador to another level in the artistic and entertainment field» — Rodrigo Vidal, Mexican actor and producer

«From El Salvador, we can tell stories that make the world fall in love». These are the perspectives that the renowned Mexican actor and producer, Rodrigo Vidal, has for his project on the creation of an entertainment cluster to promote Salvadoran talent.

In that sense, Vidal stressed that El Salvador is a country with a lot of talent, a place where «different artists meet». He indicated that it has «incredible composers, singers, musicians, painters, writers, and much more».

The Mexican producer explained that one of the main objectives of the project is to «export talent with this impulse to the Salvadoran artistic part», through the creation of a training center, and assured that the Government of President Nayib Bukele is making significant efforts to support the growth of the arts and entertainment industry in the country.

«I honestly don’t know why it hadn’t been done in the past. Now, Salvadoran talent is being exported to other countries in the world» Vidal said.

Another of the characteristics with which the actor was impressed was everything that the country could offer in terms of its landscapes and its nature, assuring that it is an enormous contribution to the creation of stories.

«In El Salvador they have everything, beaches, mountains, volcanoes, as well as different stories that can make the world fall in love, generating a positive response. It is about inviting the world to get to know El Salvador through the television content that we are going to create».

Vidal also added that the goal is «to take El Salvador to another level in the artistic and entertainment field». He will held a meeting with President Bukele to present the project.