El Salvador is a leader in the region in executing a plan to mitigate the global economic effects

The Vice Minister of Economy, Mario Salazar, reported that El Salvador is the first country in the region to apply a contingency plan to alleviate the global economic effects, and thus benefit the Salvadoran population.

“We are the first country in the region that is making a contingency in favor of its population in the face of the impact of world inflation. […] The population must see the accompaniment that is being done. Such rapid and effective measures have not been taken in the region” the Vice minister said.

Salazar added that, at present, they continue to carry out verifications at gas stations and in food product businesses in order to comply with the measures promoted by President Nayib Bukele.

“We are expanding the verifications at gas stations, but we also did the monitoring on ships. In the boats, an analysis of the quality of the product was made. Portable laboratories were used by the Directorate of Hydrocarbons and Mines » — he explained.

As part of the 11 measures implemented, Salazar said that they will continue to check gas stations and oil import vessels. Likewise, he affirmed that government institutions have the human capacity and have all the necessary mechanisms to carry out verifications, in order to benefit Salvadorans.

“We believe that this is generating awareness among all business owners of gas stations and propane gas sales. We are working so that these verifications are done permanently» he indicated.

He added that they are vigilant of the entire fuel marketing and distribution chain.