Asheboro Elastic, an American company, invests $5.1 million in El Salvador

The plant of the American company, Asheboro Elastic, located in San Bartolo, Ilopango, has received investments amounting to $5.1 million. The company’s headquarters are located in North Carolina, the United States.

The Charge d’Affaires, Brendan O’Brien, visited the Asheboro Elastic Central America plant in El Salvador, which employs 205 people, whose female participation amounts to 48%, who specialize in elastic and rigid knitted bands for industries such as medical clothing.

The American company has corporate social responsibility programs that include scholarships for its employees to start their university careers, postgraduate courses, or English classes. According to the company, there are 47 associates who have benefited from the $75,000 investment made by Asheboro Elastic.

Other actions carried out through these programs are the practices of recycling boxes and plastics, the management of hazardous waste through its certified management, the services of their health clinic, and private transportation for employees.

«It is excellent to be in AEC. It is a company with a lot of responsibility towards its employees, and it was excellent to hear the stories of people like Yesica, Karen, who have been able to grow in their careers, thanks to company scholarships, and to see how AEC has overcome the pandemic” — said Charge d’Affaires Brendan O’Brien.

The $5.1 million investment includes $350,000 to purchase new machinery, which will add to the annual production of 460 million yards. The elastics are exported to Central America and the Caribbean.