The government begins the distribution of 1.5 million books to students in the public system

To guarantee educational continuity, the Acting Minister of Education, Mauricio Pineda, began with the distribution of 1.5 million books to students in Basic Education and Secondary Education in the public system.

Language and literature books will be distributed free of charge to students in the second through sixth grades, as well as to young people in their first and second years of high school, while science books will be distributed to students in the second, third, and fourth grades.

“Children in El Salvador will have the opportunity to have comprehensive learning, something that has not been done in the past” — he stressed.

The head of education explained that the delivery of books has an investment of more than $1.1 million and the delivery is executed as part of the curricular reform.

The official assured that there is still a long way to go, but no one can deny that the quality of education for children and young people in the country is improving.