The Salvadoran government offers free transportation to users of routes 42 and 152 for users

The Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Romeo Herrera, reported that, at this time, users of routes 42 and 152 are not being charged a fare.

The elements of the Armed Forces are the ones who operate these units to guarantee the mobility and safety of Salvadorans who go from San Salvador to Santa Tecla and Zaragoza, in said units.

The government has announced that these actions will continue so that the pockets of Salvadoran families are not affected.

Likewise, the government of the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, has made transport units from different institutions available to the population to offer efficient service.

With this, normality in the public passenger transport service is guaranteed.

Last Saturday, the units were called in after a transport businessman, Catalino Miranda, was arrested for increasing the passage and obstructing the public road.

The authorities of the Vice Ministry of Transport suspended the permits from that moment, as well as the subsidy for 293 units of the Miranda company.

The state now manages these units and provides adequate transportation to Salvadorans.

«We came on a free trip, and it was super different because they treated us with kindness, the person who was driving respected all the signs, we were not afraid; there was also security» said a user of route 152 for the service provided by the Government.