President Bukele exposes the opposition for defending public transport hustlers

Through his social media, President Nayib Bukele exposed opponents of his government that defend public transport hustlers who charge the population much more for a service that is concessioned and subsidized.

“I leave you Article 110 of the same Constitution that they always claim to defend”  — the Head of State published.

According to the article, the state may assume responsibility for public services when social interests require it, either directly or through autonomous official institutions or municipalities.

President Bukele emphasized to the opponents that, if there were no doubts, he would leave Art. 112, which establishes that the State may manage companies that provide essential services to the community, in order to maintain the continuity of services when the owners or entrepreneurs are reluctant to abide by the legal provisions on economic and social organization.

This is with reference to the capture of the transportation businessman, Catalino Miranda, who is being prosecuted for not abiding by the provisions and violating the Land Traffic Law.

In addition, Miranda will be tried for falsifying documents and obstructing public roads.

After his capture, the government authorities proceeded to suspend the line concession and the subsidy on routes 42 and 152.