Public transport drivers returned overcharged fees to passengers after Vice ministry of transportation and National Police audit

This morning, at a checkpoint located near the Plaza Salvador del Mundo, the authorities of the National Civil Police and the Vice Ministry of Transport verified compliance with the authorized rate by the collective transport units.

In that sense, they identified at least four drivers who had charged more than the allowed rate, for which they had to return the additional money that they had charged to passengers. Some of the drivers were on Route 16 and Route 42, where they charged up to $0.75 a fare.

With these inspections, the authorities guarantee that the population pays only the rate authorized by the VMT. “Many of the units that serve the Salvadoran population have reported to us that they have increased the fee. That is why we have deployed the PNC and traffic inspectors. No one is authorized to increase the ticket price. Sanctions were applied, and two routes were made to return money from tickets that they had overcharged, such as route 42” — reported the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez, who verified compliance with the rate.

In addition, a route 44 bus was penalized because it charged more than $0.30, and the driver reimbursed users. Similarly, in another control located on the Pan-American Highway, a unit from Route 34 was sanctioned for the increase in the passage. The VMT reported that, at a checkpoint in the western area, a unit on route 205 was sanctioned for the same reason.