The Consumer Protection Office carries out inspections throughout the national territory to guarantee fair prices to the population

With the objective of having the economic relief measures be perceived immediately and directly among Salvadorans, the Consumer Protection Office began today at dawn the deployment of inspectors throughout the country to guarantee stability in food prices and fuel prices.

“We are activating the first actions to face world inflation and guarantee the population fair prices and supplies of essential products, mainly the basic basket, cooking gas, gasoline, and diesel” — said Ricardo Salazar, president of the Consumer Protection Office.

The mission and expected results of the inspection device are to prevent abuses in price gouging. With this objective, together with the director of Hydrocarbons and Mines, of the Ministry of Economy, Jorge Hernández Joya, verifications have been activated at gas stations and, according to the confirmation of the officials, they will progressively be extended to vessels and embassy plants of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Salazar confirmed that there are at least 300 inspectors from the Consumer Protection Office who have been deployed throughout the national territory to verify prices in the wholesale market for basic grains and in gas stations throughout El Salvador.