Exports are consolidated as an economic engine

The government reported that Salvadoran exports maintained a historical rate of growth, which is why they were consolidated as an economic engine.

Information from the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) shows that the most representative sectors of food agribusiness exported an estimated $110.7 million as of January 2022.

Similarly, the Ministry of Economy (MINEC), explained that there are countries where the demand for this Salvadoran merchandise is greater: The United States contributed $11.6 million, Spain contributed $5.2 million, and Nicaragua contributed $1.7 million.

The government is working to ensure that the procedures for sending products abroad are agile, with less bureaucracy and reduced costs. The use of technology allowed significant advancements to achieve this goal.

The commercial agreements that the country has in force were an instrument that previous efforts had not taken advantage of, despite the fact that they represent great opportunities for all types of companies.