President Nayib Bukele will send the first 10 legal reforms to accelerate business and attract international investment

The President Nayib Bukele, assured that next week he will send to the Legislative Assembly a first package of 10 legal reforms to speed up business and attract foreign investment. These will be the first of a total of 52 that the president announced last February.

President Bukele’s announcement came as a response to a tweet from an international bitcoiner who inquired about how the process of the 52 reforms announced by the president was progressing. When asked, Bukele assured that next week the first 10 will be sent for discussion and approval in the Legislative Assembly.

On February 20, President Bukele said that he would send 52 legal reforms to the Legislative Assembly for the elimination of bureaucracy and the creation of fiscal incentives to attract new investments to El Salvador, as well as guarantee the freedom of Salvadorans “while the world falls into tyranny.

“I am sending 52 legal reforms to Congress, to eliminate bureaucracy, reduce bureaucracy, create tax incentives, citizenship in exchange for investments, new securities laws, stability contracts” – as announced on his Twitter account.

According to the Salvadoran president, the intention with this series of reforms is to facilitate the registration procedures for new companies and attract more national and foreign investment in the country, which will generate more and better sources of employment.

“The plan is simple: while the world falls into tyranny, we will create a refuge for freedom” promises Bukele, who remains with high approval ratings by Salvadorans and is one of the best evaluated presidents in the world.