El Salvador will be part of the Global Health Security Agenda

The Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi, reported on his Twitter account that El Salvador has been accepted to be part of the Global Health Security Agenda.

“Thanks to President Nayib Bukele’s leadership in handling the pandemic, we will participate in the technical areas of biosafety and bioprotection, immunization, surveillance of antimicrobial resistance, national laboratory systems, workforce development, and zoonotic diseases” — he declared. the minister.

The Global Health Security Agenda is a group made up of 70 countries and non-governmental and international organizations, including private sector companies. The objective of this organization is to work together to achieve a safer world and be prepared for threats in the health sector due to infectious diseases on a global scale.

“There is still a long way to go in the field of health; however, our country has set milestones that are internationally recognized” — he said.

El Salvador has been internationally recognized for handling the COVID-19 pandemic and has been a benchmark for its Vaccination Plan. “El Salvador, being a country with many difficulties, is setting an example at the international level, recognized even by the Pan American Health Organization. The results that we are now observing, which have been saving lives, support the fact that the decisions that were made were timely” — Minister Francisco Alabi.