The Pacific Train will be a regional project

The president of CEPA, Federico Anliker, stated this morning that the national and international bidding contest has begun, for the award of the preparation of the feasibility study, basic engineering, and technical structuring of the Tren del Pacífico.

“This project is in phases, but it is progressing. We focus on cargo and passengers, since we want it to be functional and help the country’s dynamism and economy” — he stated.

In this sense, Anliker pointed out that there is a saturation of collective transport in our country. “With the Pacific Train we could solve this problem and Salvadorans could move better in the national territory” — he mentioned.

However, the project, which is one of President Nayib Bukele’s flagship projects, bets on much more than solving the problem of passenger mobility, as Anliker explains.

 «The Pacific Train should not only be seen on a national scale, but also regionally. We are going to continue in conversations and generating the best relations with countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico to promote the transfer of cargo” — Federico said.

The official questioned the negative opinions of the opposition against megaprojects such as the Pacific Train, the Pacific Airport, and Bitcoin City, among others.