Colombian family praises vaccination Megacenter in El Salvador

The Castellanos family is visiting El Salvador from Colombia, and besides their personal matters, they took the chance to receive the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the El Salvador Hospital megacenter.

“The megacenter has very good organization. It is very orderly. They have been very kind. I love this country” — Saraí Castellano.

Likewise, the young Colombian Daniel Castellanos stated that the Salvadoran National Vaccination Plan is advanced compared to other countries in the world.

“I think it’s super good. It seems to me that this system is more advanced than in other countries. I liked El Salvador. I encourage people to get vaccinated, because not only you take care of yourself by doing so, but also your family” he said.

Therefore, the Salvadorans who arrived this morning assured that the government of El Salvador is doing a very responsible job in terms of vaccination.

Mónica Pacas works as a health personnel in El Salvador and stated that she had to leave the country, so she changed her date for the third dose of the vaccine, but the health personnel were calling her or waiting for her to complete her three doses of the vaccine.

«If it was like that with me, I suppose it is like that with most people. Some folks do not get vaccinated because they do not want to, not because they were not notified. I tell the population to get vaccinated and that way they help us prevent cases in hospitals” — she said.

To date, there have been 10,111,499 doses against COVID-19 applied in the territory, of which 10,083,744 have been received by nationals and 27,755 by foreigners.