President Nayib Bukele lays the first stone for the construction of two bridges in East El Salvador

Two new bridges will be built in the department of San Miguel, President Nayib Bukele announced yesterday, laying the first stone for both projects. The first will be on the Torola River, in the Rosas Nacaspilo canton within the municipality of Carolina. It will be 150 meters long, with two vehicular traffic lanes, a pedestrian area and viewpoints to appreciate the landscape.

The second work will be in the La Honda farmhouse, San Diego canton, San Antonio municipality, 130 meters long. The total investment for both projects is equivalent to $23.9 million, which will be divided into $12.5 million for the bridge in Carolina and $11.4 million for the work in San Antonio.

 “I have always said that money is enough when no one steals, and this is proof that it is a reality. This government does not charge more taxes and, however, it does many more things than the previous ones did” — said the president in the construction zone of the San Antonio bridge.

 Among the innovative elements that both infrastructures will have is that their design is a “cable-stayed” type, with a certain resemblance to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, United States.

In addition, in both of them you can practice bungee jumping, due to the height that they both have. The projections handled by the executive are to have both projects completed in December of this year and deliver them to the beneficiary population.

President Bukele explained that the construction is taking place within the framework of the 3 de Febrero hydroelectric power plant project, which stands on the Torola River. Another one will be added to the two new bridges, precisely on the dam, which will serve to connect the population that lives nearby.

The bridge in Carolina will connect the 3 de Febrero hydroelectric dam with the municipalities of San Luis de la Reina and San Antonio del Mosco, as well as the cantons of La Orilla, La Ceibita and Soledad Terreno. The one in San Antonio del Mosco will serve to connect that municipality with the canton of San Dieguito and with the municipality of Carolina. Both structures will allow better fluidity to and from the border with Honduras.

Complementary works will be added to these works, among which 60 kilometers of perimeter streets around the hydroelectric plant stand out, of which 15 kilometers are direct opening and 45 in repairs.

A total of 28 houses will also be built for the families of the ex-Chaparral project camps. Houses will be delivered in optimal conditions.

The two impacted municipalities will have modern community clinics in addition to community houses trained for different events. In Carolina, a school with a modern architectural style will also be built.

Five municipalities will directly benefit from the 3 de Febrero dam: San Antonio, Carolina, San Isidro, San Luis de la Reina and Torola. For all localities, an electrification project will be carried out in the cantons and hamlets that do not have this service.

The president recalled that his government will invest $1.51 billion in public infrastructure alone.