Government officials meet with investors interested in the shipyard project at the Port of La Unión

The Cruise Norwegian company, one of the largest cruise operators in the world, showed its interest in the shipyard project at the Port of La Unión.

The shipyard is a strategic project of the government of President Nayib Bukele, with the aim of generating jobs and boosting the national economy.

Federico Anliker, president of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA), participated in the meeting, emphasizing that the project is a “win-win”.

Similarly, Anliker mentioned to investors that in the country there are already projects being executed with alliances between the government and companies.

“We have a successful project at the airport, we have Aeroman. It started with 40 people, now there are 98 Salvadorans” — exemplified by the president of CEPA.

Anliker added that the government’s goal is to help the shipping industry grow in the country, so there is an expansion plan.

«We soon want to work in the shipyard industry, from Mexico to Central America. We are at the center of the Americas, so we have a privilege” — concluded Anliker.