The ARENA deputy, Margarita Escobar, reappears to request an exemption from her position until April 30, 2024

The deputy of the ARENA party, Margarita Escobar, reappeared on the political spectrum this afternoon through a letter asking the Board of Directors of the Legislative Assembly to exonerate her from the position of legislator until the end of the 2021-2024 legislature, citing issues of health.

In the letter, Escobar asks for permission to be granted without pay.

“This is to request the Honorable Board of Directors of the Legislative Assembly exemption from the position and definitive permission until the end of this legislature, April 30, 2024, WITHOUT PAY, to completely absent myself from my parliamentary and/or party work legislative measures given my health situation and the impossibility of adequately executing the position” — Margarita requested on a letter.

She has been absent from her duties in Congress since June of last year, and the leaders of her party have stated that they have no knowledge of where the deputy is residing or of any ill health that she may be suffering from.

The rightist congresswoman has been absent since half a year ago when she was summoned before the special commission that investigates the delivery of bonuses to former officials. At first, she claimed to have tested positive for COVID-19.

On the other hand, the Assembly has been discussing for a few days who should assume the seat in the absence of the legislator, since the alternate deputy, Guillermo Portillo, resigned last Thursday, February 10, “irrevocably” from the ARENA party. “I consider that I have sufficient criteria to understand the direction of ARENA, the decisions that have been made since the elections began to be lost, which I do not share, since I have witnessed the loss of identity of the party with which it was born,” he justified before the COENA.

According to the alternate deputy, the faction leader of the tricolor caucus, Guillermo Portillo Cuadra, has not allowed him to replace Escobar and has also pointed out that he has been “constantly attacking” him.