President Bukele inaugurates the second economic boost to promote tourism and the development of El Salvador.

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, announced that the second economic boost for 2022 is about tourism. The country’s firm commitment to economic growth continues.

“Tourism has been an axis for the government since we started” reiterated President Bukele.

The Head of State stated that tourism is not only a generator of foreign currency; but it is also a great economic catalyst. He explained that tourism has that downward advantage effect, that everyone receives the benefits. “The tourist goes to the hotel, but the money is reinvested in the hotel” — he exemplified. In this sense, he declared that they will invest $100 million in Surf City, since the country has 300 kilometers of coastline that must be promoted.

The president reiterated that they have contemplated building tourist boardwalks, water treatment plants, POLITUR stations, and cycle routes, among others.

“When we created the concept of the Surf City circuit, people began to criticize: “the president is not making the beaches; the beaches already existed” — he said.

However, he pointed out that the beaches were being wasted, because they were not being promoted.

“After the fall of the pandemic, the average recovery of world tourism was 4%, but the recovery of El Salvador was 103%,” he indicated.

Nayib Bukele added that, unlike the world average that barely recovered, El Salvador recovered 100% plus 3% from the pandemic. “We are going to make these 10 economic impulses so that economic growth will skyrocket again, and we will not only have a growth of 3.2 as predicted by the International Monetary Fund, but much higher” — he assured.