President Bukele exposed a journalist who manipulated a video to discredit him

This afternoon, President Nayib Bukele posted on social media the full version of a video where he welcomed special guests yesterday, at the launch of the second economic boost and expansion of the passenger terminal at El Salvador International Airport.

The video shows clearly how the president courteously prioritizes handshakes with Congresswoman Marcela Pineda, the only woman among the group, and then proceeds to handshake with the gentlemen present at the event.

President Bukele quoted a tweet posted from the photojournalist Oscar Machon’s account, exposing the mean-spirited way behind the evidently altered video contained in the social media post. There was an implicit message of discrimination within the altered video intended to discredit the president.

This is not the first time that journalists and photojournalists like Oscar Machon, all belonging to the political opposition in the country, manipulate multimedia resources to fraudulently accuse and generate fake news, among other lies. They demonstrate with these actions a profound lack of professionalism and ethics.

President Bukele expressed on his Twitter account:

“And so there are many “journalists” in our country. They edit the truth to generate a lie. And although it seems incredible, there are still people who believe them. I left them the full video, where it is clearly seen that the first person I greeted was the Congresswoman, Marcela Pineda” — quoting the altered version of the video tweeted from Oscar Machon’s account.