An NGO managed by a former FMLN Congresswoman received $2.2 million from the General State Budget

The NGO received public resources from 2012 to 2021, and its legal representative is Blanca Flor Bonilla, former deputy of the Salvadoran Congress and Parlacen. She was also the former mayor of Ayutuxtepeque for the FMLN.

Bonilla was summoned to the commission today, she did not attend and instead sent a letter to Congress to announce that she no longer resides in the country.

The deputy for Nuevas Ideas and member of the special commission, Carlos Hermann Bruch, hinted that Bonilla currently resides in Mexico.

The commission agreed to request Bonilla’s migratory movements and issued new summons for Wednesday of next week.

The deputy for Nuevas Ideas and president of the special commission, Alexia Rivas, warned that Bonilla will be taken to the commission if she does not attend the summons.