El Salvador will receive funds for the conservation of flora and fauna in the Trifinio area

The Vice President of the Republic, Félix Ulloa, met with the United Kingdom ambassador to El Salvador, David Lelliott, and the United Kingdom ambassador to Guatemala and Honduras, Nick Whittingham, prior to a tour of the protected area of ​​the Park Nacional de Montecristo, which will benefit from the Biodiverse Landscape Fund.

The visit to Montecristo Park, which houses part of the Trifinio region, where the borders of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras meet, is part of the inclusion of these three countries to benefit from the aforementioned fund.

“It is a project of 100 million pounds sterling ($137 million) around the world, of which a fifth will be allocated to this region (Trifinio Plan),” — said the Vice President of the Republic, Félix Ulloa.

This project not only recognizes the management carried out in maintaining this reserve, called the Trifinio Fraternidad Biosphere, but it will also allocate a considerable investment, said Vice President Ulloa.

“Thank you Vice President Ulloa for taking the time to visit Montecristo and Punto Trifinio today, and for sharing ideas about how the Biodiverse Landscape Fund can benefit nature and the communities of the El Trifinio region,” — said the UK ambassador to El Salvador, David Lelliott.

The different biodiversity found in the Montecristo National Park is one of the reasons that has made it of interest to the United Kingdom and benefited from the fund aimed at its conservation.