El Salvador now has an education space at the Bitcoin House

On February 1, the media gathered to visit La Casa del Bitcoin (House of Bitcoin), a new place to educate and learn about Bitcoin (BTC) in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador. The Paxful exchange, founder of this project, commented in a press conference on the purpose of launching this space. It is a place to educate and train attendees in a free and accessible way about Bitcoin.

The House of Bitcoin is located on Las Palmas Street in the San Benito neighborhood in the city of San Salvador. There will be free courses and workshops for those who want to participate.

Likewise, the space is also open to any project or community organized around Bitcoin that wishes to carry out its activities there, whether they are of an educational nature or meetings and gatherings.

According to a press release and statements from Paxful representatives, training will be provided to individuals, companies, and even public officials, all in an open, public, and transparent manner.

“The idea is that it be a neutral site that is not political, that it be a space where, if the government wants to train its personnel or has an education project, it does so. (…) We have interacted and entered into some government and private alliances,” — said Renata Rodrigues, global marketing manager for Paxful.

One of the focuses of the educational program of La Casa del Bitcoin is to encourage the adoption of bitcoin (BTC) in El Salvador as a financial tool.

In this sense, Rodrigues commented that they have visited several regions of El Salvador, such as Santa Ana and Sonsonate, to educate individuals and businesses since last year. In general, they will be carrying out promotional and educational activities throughout the Salvadoran territory from now on.

Rodrigues pointed out that while in some regions you can live entirely with bitcoin, in her opinion, in other cities its use is not as frequent, so there is work to be done in that regard.

Paxful course agenda

For his part, Will Hernández, director of growth for Latin America, commented that Paxful will be launching an application for businesses that allows up to 5 points of sale to be operated with Bitcoin or the Lightning network from the same place. The course itinerary is now available on the Paxful page, including one on Bitcoin at three levels (basic, intermediate, advanced), as well as other courses on how to monetize profits in BTC, how to publicize the ecosystem, how to declare taxes and how to create a business based on BTC.