Laptop deliveries and access to technological resources for students continue in El Salvador

More than 400 students from the Francisco Castañeda School Center, in San Luis La Herradura, in La Paz, received their technological devices, their Microsoft Office licenses, and the Internet data package through the mobile unit of the Links with Education program. The tools will contribute to the improvement of the learning of students in the public sector.

These deliveries, according to the school’s director, Pedro Faustino, are critical to contributing to the improvement of educational quality.

“As teachers, we are committed to having other alternatives or ways of how to transmit knowledge to students, and in the end, it is a benefit for both teachers and students” — he added.

The director also commented that the parents had told him that if it were not for the deliveries made by the government of President Nayib Bukele, they would not be able to buy the computer.

Luis Flores thanked him for this initiative, which will benefit many students, such as his daughter, who will attend seventh grade this year.

«I thank God and the Central Government for this good program for our children, because they deserve to enter technology, innovation, and continuous improvement, and this will strengthen us a lot in knowledge, because it is another means immediately so that they fulfill their tasks and their goals, and build their own world with good objectives” — said the father.

To receive the computers, the students’ guardians must present the original Unique Identity Document (DUI), which must not have expired.

In addition, they must have the availability to acquire the equipment and the commitment that their child will not stop studying so that they can take advantage of the technological resource.