La Prensa Gráfica must comply with the full payment of the annual bonus to its journalists and workers as ordered by the Ministry of Labor after carried out investigations

The Minister of Labor, Rolando Castro, explained that this Wednesday, January 12, he ordered the newspaper La Prensa Gráfica to pay the full annual bonus to its journalists and workers; Furthermore, he reported that a complaint was filed with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) “for the obstruction by not allowing the full development of an inspection.”

On January 7, Castro announced the start of an investigation against the newspaper due to possible irregularities in the payment of bonuses to hundreds of its employees.

According to the official, the Ministry of Labor would have received a complaint from five employees who said they had been violated in their right to the Christmas bonus by La Prensa Gráfica. At the time, Castro added that when the investigations begin, the cases could number up to 400.

In this sense, Castro announced that he had instructed Dutriz Hermanos, SA de CV. pay the supplement to the bonus to their workers based on the law; that an offense was placed on them for non-remission of contracts; and that the case was certified to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

“The decision to certify the FGR is due to the obstruction by not allowing the full development of an inspection and not providing all the information required, apart from the application of the respective corresponding sanctioning process based on the law” — the minister explained through a thread on Twitter.

He added that “LPG must immediately compensate the complementary payment corresponding to the Christmas bonus to its workers, and the instruction is without delay.”