The Ministry of Foreign Affairs obtains the highest denomination in five consulates in the United States

As part of the commitment of the government of President Nayib Bukele to the Salvadoran diaspora, referring to the improvements and modernization of consular services, the Foreign Ministry managed, before the Office of Foreign Missions of the Department of State of the United States, the highest denomination of five consulates to Consulates General.

This is how, as of this month, the consulates located in Laredo, Texas; Elizabeth, New Jersey; Aurora, Colorado; Seattle, Washington; and Charlotte, North Carolina, will become Consulates General of El Salvador.

This elevation of category represents the recognition of the quality and service that compatriots receive from the consular staff, which is highly qualified to serve Salvadorans abroad.

Likewise, with this nomination, it is recognized that the new consulates general have modern personnel, infrastructure, and service protocols adapted to the needs of Salvadorans.

These actions, led by Chancellor Alexandra Hill and the Deputy Minister of Diaspora and Human Mobility, Cindy Portal, are a reflection of the transformations of the service abroad in favor of compatriots.

Consular authorities reported that for this year, four new consulates will be opened in the following cities in the United States: San Bernardino and Fresno, both in California; Springdale, Arkansas; and Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Therefore, nationals will soon be able to manage passports, documents from the Family Status Registry, police and criminal records, authorizations for the departure of minors, certifications of migratory movements, pensions, notarial acts, powers of attorney, and public deeds, among others.