Even the opposition media acknowledges that more than 90% of Salvadorans approve Nayib Bukele’s government

Salvadorans approve the actions taken by the government to face the COVID-19 pandemic. The highlight for 2020 was the containment measures, and this year, vaccination.

President Bukele himself referred to the acknowledgment from the opposition media in regards to the impressive approval rate from Salvadorans.

The result of the survey conducted by La Prensa Gráfica (A newspaper known to be associated with opposition political parties interests, ARENA and FMLN) shows that 93.5% of Salvadorans over 18, approve Nayib Bukele’s managing the covid-19 pandemic.

1,520 people from all over El Salvador were interviewed between November 24 and 29, setting the margin of error at 2.6% and 95% confidence level.

The question asked was: Do you approve or disapprove of the work that President Nayib Bukele has done to confront the pandemic? 93.5% said they approve, while 4.9% disapprove.

The approval figure is 2.2% lower than what was registered in May 2020, so it is still within the margin of error of the study. In May 2020, the population highlighted the containment measures before the arrival of the pandemic and the quarantine. This year, the highlight is the vaccination process and the hospital renovations.

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