“The people of El Salvador will not return to the terrible past”: President Nayib Bukele

After a new protest organized by groups related to the political opposition led by ARENA and the FMLN, President Nayib Bukele criticized that the United States government financially supports these actions that, according to the president, continue without generating the results that the opposition expects.

Bukele stated that El Salvador will not return to corrupt actions, as conducted in the past by the two large parties that represent the Salvadoran right (ARENA) and left (FMLN). They’re now less influential on their social and political incidence. In addition, he highlighted the low number of people in the protest yesterday.

“American taxpayers should know that their government is using their money to fund communist movements against an elected (and 90% approval rating) democratic government in El Salvador, even when it does not work. Salvadorans will not return to that terrible past, “Bukele posted from his Facebook account.

The protest had awful attendance and was represented, for the most part, by political figures from the FMLN and ARENA, as well as by civil organizations related to these parties. It is the third attempt by the political opposition in El Salvador to gather a massive demonstration that has not been successful.