Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert to become Salvadoran citizens

Milena Mayorga, El Salvador’s ambassador to the US, posted last December 8th a video of the visit Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert where they’re handing out paperwork to process their Salvadoran citizenship. During their visit Max and Stacy talked about their excitement to become Salvadorans and about the vision of making the country an inspiration for other nations.

“So I’m actually super excited to be a Salvadoran citizen, because I wanna be a citizen of the first bitcoin nation” — Max said. He has shared that they will be visiting El Salvador on January to continue their preparations to become Salvadorans.

“As we spread the message to the other nations, so certainly in the region you’re going to see other countries do the exact same thing. They’re gonna look at Salvador, they’re gonna see the growth, they’re going to see the jobs, they’re going to see the excitement as they gonna see the tourism. They gonna all want to follow soon” — He added.

“We go to Whole Foods near of our house all the time, you know two of three times a week. And usually the woman who checks us out, her name is Sonia, she’s from El Salvador. So, when that happend — Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador — and we’re in bitcoin I said: hey, what do you think of Bukele?
And she said: he is the best president our country has ever had”
. — Stacy commented on the approval president Bukele has, even outside El Salvador.

Max has described El Salvador as pure nature, a country where the volcanoes are active, the waves always come in, and the sun always comes up. Praised Salvadorans for recognizing the nature in Bitcoin and its unimpeachable mathematical certainty that will take the country to prosperity.