Education in El Salvador moves towards innovation

Education in El Salvador has a new direction and historical changes that are developed by their government. Currently, projects are being worked on to allow students to build skills and abilities focused on the needs of the 21st century, such as innovation and creativity.

Therefore, through the “Vínculos con la educación” program, computers with free internet access are delivered to all children in the public education system, to guarantee a thorough educational process supported by multiple didactic resources.

Similarly, high school students, besides receiving the computer, go through an online English course on the Platzi platform, to provide them with new academic and job opportunities.

The President, Nayib Bukele, restated that computers are for the educational use of students. “We are giving away a computer for every boy and girl in all public schools. Everyone will receive a computer and it will be theirs. They will be able to use it at school, at home, and when they leave school they will be able to take it with them because it is theirs ”, emphasized the president during the inauguration of the RECETO program in Chalatenango.

Similarly, the president regretted that previous administrations did not develop projects to provide technological tools to educational centers, since they found schools where there was not even a computer room. “Even though we are well into the 21st century, some of our schools didn’t even have a computer center. Now they will no longer need computer centers because each child will have a computer, “said President Bukele.

Regarding infrastructure, the president indicated that they are developing the “My New School project” and other projects from the Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Municipal Works to remodel schools. “Everything was wrong. Now we have to fix everything” said the president.