El Salvador as “the best country to live in the region” in COVID-19 times as per Summa magazine.

Pandemic management in El Salvador was recently recognized by the Central American magazine SUMMA, they highlight that the country’s current situation makes it the best in the region to live in times of COVID-19.

“Almost two years after the pandemic began, El Salvador is the country that offers the greatest security to live. The strategic health plan implemented by the government of President Nayib Bukele has managed to maintain a privileged position in the region, achieving the least damage from the virus, “the magazine said.

The decrease in cases and the reduction in fatalities were taken up in the publication as one of the greatest achievements of the Government through an articulated work between the different institutions involved in the care of the pandemic.

“El Salvador reports, as of December 8, the lowest number of confirmed cases of contagion: 119,803 and 3,789 deaths, compared to the rest of the countries in the region. In Guatemala 619,891 infections and 15,992 deaths; Honduras 378,351 infections and 10,416 deaths; Costa Rica 567,614 infected and 7,318 deaths; Panama 479,053 infected and 7,374 deceased “, stressed SUMMA.

Since last February 17, the Ministry of Health (MINSAL) has developed a National Vaccination Plan against COVID-19, and until the last update of the official figures, 9,305,444 doses had been applied, of which 4,437,093 were the first dose, 4,091,919 of the second second and 757,044 people took the vaccine for the third time.

Another issue emphasized by the magazine was the management and timely acquisition of the vaccine, which has generated one of the highest coverage of the vaccinated population in the region, reaching 70% of Salvadorans with two doses applied.

“All these advances in the management of the pandemic are the work that the government team has implemented, headed by President Nayib Bukele. Since the beginning of the health crisis, the President issued the instruction to do everything in his power to safeguard the lives of Salvadorans, “the publication remarked.

In addition, the magazine referred to the 96% approval that Salvadorans conferred on the work carried out by the Government to address the pandemic, according to data published by the polling firm CidGallup.

“The country is in an advantageous position redarding the pandemic with the fewest impacts and with the highest percentage of immunized people. It is worth mentioning the support of the majority of the population for the plans against the pandemic, about 96% approve of the work being done, ” they said.