It’s the Holidays! Christmas celebration in Ciudad Delgado brings happiness and toys to the children

The Salvadoran government and the Directorate for the Reconstruction of the Social Weave, delivered a Christmas party this Friday at the Chinampa Recreation Center located in the municipality of Ciudad Delgado, San Salvador.

The state’s priority is to guarantee healthy recreation spaces for Salvadoran families. With this objective, the authorities brought gifts, fun dynamics, and games for the children of Cuidad Delgado.

It was a fun-filled morning for the families to enjoy at the Chinampa Recreation Center. This celebration is part of the activities to promote coexistence that The State has launched as part of II Phase of the Territorial Control Plan.

The Directorate for the Reconstruction of the Social Weave works in historically excluded and violence-risk communities. In this way, Government interventions seek to improve the life quality of the population and generate opportunities for young people.