El Salvador’s Foreign Ministry Provides Employment Opportunities and Support for Returning Youth.

In a collaborative effort to showcase development opportunities for returned migrants, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador, in conjunction with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), Fe y Alegría, the Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI), and the Municipal Government of Ciudad Delgado, facilitated employment opportunities and reintegration services for young returnees.

During this event, participants were provided with information on various training courses offered by each of the involved institutions. They also gained insights into the “Transforming Lives” program, an initiative that provides a range of services, including access to seed capital, training, and certification of technical skills.

Wilber Alfaro, the head of the Migrant Services Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized the importance of coordinated efforts with different sectors and institutions to strengthen actions in the reintegration processes for returning individuals.

Nohemy Méndez, one of the participants in this event, expressed her gratitude, stating that as a young returnee, she has plans to pursue education and start a business in El Salvador. “I appreciate the support in bringing these services closer to us,” highlighted the beneficiary of this initiative.

This collaborative initiative not only addresses the immediate needs of returning youth but also demonstrates the commitment of various organizations and government bodies to creating a supportive environment for their reintegration. By providing information on training opportunities and support for entrepreneurial endeavors, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is playing a crucial role in empowering young returnees to contribute to the growth and development of El Salvador.