U.S. Subsecretary of Commerce Marisa Lago Visits El Salvador to Advance Investment and Tech Hub Ambitions.

Subsecretary of Commerce Marisa Lago, from the U.S. Department of Commerce is in El Salvador with a delegation to bolster direct investment and assist in shaping the country’s digital policy. The visit, aims to strengthen economic and technological ties between the two nations, emphasizing the importance of El Salvador’s goal to become a regional technology hub.

One of the primary objectives of this visit is to encourage direct investment in El Salvador. Increased investment will drive economic growth, job creation, and economic diversification, benefiting both nations.

The delegation’s involvement in crafting a digital policy is equally significant. El Salvador aspires to become a hub for technology in the region, and this policy will play a pivotal role in realizing that ambition.

El Salvador has been making advancements in digital innovation, and this visit highlights the commitment of both nations to furthering these advancements. The collaboration between the United States and El Salvador is poised to propel the country’s economic growth and solidify its role in the regional tech sector.

Subsecretary Marisa Lago’s visit underscores the United States’ support for El Salvador’s vision of becoming a technology and innovation hub. It reflects their shared commitment to economic prosperity and technological advancement in the region.