Salvadorans Have Access to Free High-Speed Internet in Public Spaces.

Conectando El Salvador, a groundbreaking project, continues to make advancements in its mission to bring high-quality internet access to more than 100 locations nationwide. The Secretary of Innovation, Daniel Méndez, proudly announced that the Salvadoran population can now enjoy internet speeds ranging from 90 to 150 megabits per second, with the potential to reach speeds of up to 300 Mbps in various plazas and parks throughout San Salvador.

“The Salvadorans can connect to free internet in the historic center, El Salvador del mundo, and in cultural spaces such as the Theater and the National Palace,” stated the official. He also expressed his gratitude to President Nayib Bukele for providing the necessary tools to advance connectivity in the country.

This new internet service not only ensures high-speed connections but also serves as a valuable resource for educational and entrepreneurial purposes. Daniel Méndez emphasized, “We aim to create spaces that foster technological interaction.”

Among the public spaces where Salvadorans can now access this free internet service are Plaza Barrios, Libertad, and Morazán in San Salvador, as well as parks in various regions, including Usulután, Ilobasco, Dolores, El Paraíso, San Martín, La Concordia, and Cuisnahuat. This widespread access benefits students, providing them with the necessary tools to continue their studies online.

This comprehensive project is a joint effort led by the Government of El Salvador, aimed at ensuring that children, youth, and adults have access to free internet, effectively eliminating the digital divide on a national scale. The initiative not only enhances digital inclusion but also promotes economic and social development in the municipalities where these services are being installed.