Nayib Bukele and Félix Ulloa Officially Register for 2024-2029 Presidential Elections.

In a last-minute dash to meet the deadline for presidential and legislative candidature submissions for the 2024 elections, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele, along with his running mate, Félix Ulloa, submitted the necessary documentation to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), officially marking their participation as presidential candidates for the upcoming elections. They will represent the political party “Nuevas Ideas.”

“I announce to the Salvadoran people that I have decided to run as a presidential candidate for the Republic. We must continue down this path we have embarked on, the path that has, for the first time in our history, proven to be the right one. Certainly, some developed nations may not agree with this decision, but it is not for them to decide; it is up to the Salvadoran people,” declared President Bukele at the crucial moment of submission.

Since President Bukele’s announcement, a couple opposition groups have voiced their disapproval of his candidacy for another presidential term. They have even raised concerns about the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) and the legality of Sentence 1-2021, which validates President Nayib Bukele’s participation in the 2024 elections. These unsubstantiated objections unveil the attempts of these opposition groups to interfere with democracy and the elections.